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I added this suggestion to the [Feature requests]: "documentation" in Mantis. I'm guessing that the associated page to this "talk Page" would be when this information would be published, so I'm also posting it here"

0001376: FreePlan / FreeMind - Enough information for a new user to use both Description The "Why fork?" page needs a bit more information to help new users use both without problems, since many users will already be using or familiar with FreeMind.


Could you give us some guidance as novice users how:

a. Could use both at the same time with little problems? For instance, .MM is used by both apps, so, I guess I'd have to adjust it so the proper app opened the file.

b. If we edit with one, and then open and edit with the other app, what happens?

c. In general, is FP a superset of FM's features? ie, can I use FP to edit my existing FM maps without problems?

d. If I just use FP, (knowing some things certainly won't work quite the same), what functionality will I miss from FM?


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