New features in Freeplane 1.3.x

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Other features

  • Ability to rearrange custom filters in the filter composer
  • Add Format=Unparsed LaTeX and \unparsedlatex node prefix to allow LaTeX content that is solely used for export
  • Add-on jar libraries
  • Allow program arguments like to choose the first selected node
  • Allow to enter external http and https urls in add / change external image dialog
  • Bigger filter composer window depending on screen resolution
  • Cloud support in the scripting API
  • Command line option -U <user config directory>
  • Compile scripts on class path on startup
  • Docking Windows (the ability to position mind map windows independent of the parent window)
  • Editor for Latex with Syntax Highlighting
  • Enhanced export to HTML
  • Enhanced export to Open Document Text format (ODT)
  • Install url handler for protocol "freeplane" for windows and mac
  • Integration of Open Street Map
  • Latex text in nodes
  • Menu and preferences structure can be edited by users
  • Named filter conditions are part of the main menu
  • New, more easy to understand structure of the preferences dialog
  • Option to set image resolution for PNG/JPG image export
  • Performance: cache compiled scripts
  • Remove ".mm" from tab titles
  • Scripting API for node encryption, exports and map specific storage
  • Scripting API:, node shifts, node.minimalDistanceBetweenChildren
  • Several Scripting API extensions
  • Textbox in preferences for common/global LaTeX macros (plugins->LaTeX)
  • Update groovy to 2.1.9
  • Use signed applet and jnlp descriptors so that local applets can run with the latest java
  • Use signed jar so that local jar files work with the latest java versions
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