Add-on architecture

Add-on architecture

Postby jokro » Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:31 pm


I have published an add-on in which I experimented with a number of techniques which might be interesting to discuss. After installing the add-on, see menu Tools > SmartLocker > Help > Documentation the node on architecture ( )

* Integrated add-on help file. The user can translate the file himself and upload to the wiki for other users. This file is accessable through Tools > SmartLocker > Help online.

* Implementing context menu's with a generic, specialised button-like node (Child nodes of Server node and Service nodes)

* Implementing input windows" for the user by means of filtering (login info, private data/password info).

* Implementing a hierarchy-independent ordering (with Subject and Service nodes).

* Generic, reusable scripts. How to organize optimal reuse. In the Documentation scripts (classes) are described which are available for reuse in your own scripts. As an example, if you have installed SmartLcker you can import and apply the above mentioned Help and Help online scripts right away.

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