classpath directory for addons

classpath directory for addons

Postby jokro » Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:08 pm

* Both java and groovy classes now comile from the classpath directory. In it is suggested to define a lib directory and to put your groovy scripts there. My question and suggestion: make this lib directory a system classpath directory :idea:

* It seems to make sense to keep (simple) scripts and (extensive) libraries apart. Therefore it seems to make sense to include in the system classpath a second directoryy, called bin, for java and groovy class libraries :idea:

These ideas would make it easier for users to install add-ons: with Volker's tools class libraries can be automatically put in bin and scripts in lib.

What is your opinion :?:

In the mean time I have a question concerning installing add-ons. I expected that I could define a default value for the class path preference (e.g. bin). If I do this, the default value doesn't appear in the preferences. Is "script_classpath" the right variable name? Should I prefix "script_classpath" with some parameter, like add-on parameters can be prefixed with "addons." :?: :?:

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Re: classpath directory for addons

Postby boercher » Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:33 pm

I'm currently working on an integration of L C Reese's pull request to add a standard add-on lib directory.

Regards, Volker
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