Moving Docear branch in a separate repository

Moving Docear branch in a separate repository

Postby dpolivaev » Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:51 am


I would like to tell you an idea I am absolutely not interested in.

Currently we have two separate development branches for Docear and Freeplane hosted in the same repository by Project Freeplane. All changes on Freeplane trunk are weekly merged to Docear, and therefore this solution works fine.

From my point of view nothing in this solution requires that the Docear master branch is hosted by Freeplane. So if YOU like we could create a new bazaar repository in SF Docear project, create a development branch there and remove it from the Freeplane repository. From the technical point of view it would change only the branch URI because bazaar is a decentralized source code management system. It would probably make it Docear people easier to create and manage their own development branches as they need them and have a separate project contribution statistics.

After both products are released Freeplane branch could merge all changes from Docear branch so that simulteneous refactoring are made possible again. Such refactorings could be done inside the Freeplane project and repository exactly as in the case the both branches are hosted in the same repository.

So if Docear have interest to move their branch to your own project repository let me know. And if you give me a developer access I could even do for you it myself, it is not difficult.

Regards, Dimitry
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