Problems with Latex

Problems with Latex

Postby bulek8 » Tue May 13, 2014 1:19 am


I've tried stable version 1.2.xx and wrote few nodes with LAtex in separate boxes. Now I've transferred mind map to 1.3.8rc and have a lot of problems...
- it seems I can activate Latex format in core text - but this is not what I want. I'd like to use Latex in Node details. Old nodes written in stable version work ok, but Latex is not parsed properly. I somehow managed to add Latex box to one of newer nodes, but cannot recreate procedure... Why is it so hard to use Latex in Freeplane ?
- another thing I've spotted. On export (html, Flash, Applet), Latex formulaes are not visible - is this a bug or not yet implemented feature ?

I also have few other questions:
- is there possibility to clone existing node and make only changes that are needed? This way creation of mind maps is much faster...
- why cannot I select multiple nodes and move them around ?
- any fine positioning option ??
- can I draw simple draw primitives (linex, boxes, rectangles) on Freeplane ?

Thanks in advance,
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