Export maps into multiple PDF pages for legibility?

Export maps into multiple PDF pages for legibility?

Postby mapcon » Thu May 08, 2014 12:56 pm

Hello everyone,

I am using Freeplane for information collections and especially for the preparation of trainings and use the result as a trainer script manual.
My manuals must be printouts on paper because in a trainig situation there is no practical way to have the script displayed on the trainer's screen.

To me it would seem to be very helpful if there was a way to export a mindmap with many branches and nodes containing node details into PDF in such a way, that the result would be split into n pages so that all text contents would be displayed in a legible font size.

Acutally I am doing this procedure manually which is quite some work:
- Expanding the nodes I need to print and expanding the node details (estimating how much text in hight might fit onto an A4 paper with a legible font size),
- exporting this into PDF with an indexed filename
- Opening those PDFs and printing them again into PDF in order to get a proper A4 portrait sized PDF
- Merging all the PDF pages into one PDF document with multiple pages
And then there comes a change to the map and I need to update my PDF...

Does anybody have a good hint on how to speed up this process or would an export functionality that supports such a process or part of such a process be an idea for future development?
Sometimes I think that even the ability of automating the PDF export would be a great progress. I tried to use recorded macros on the Freeplane UI to achieve this but failed so far.

Generally I think Freeplane is a great tool - thank you very much for you effort in pushing it further!

Greetz to everyone,

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