scripts for (re)using hyperlinks

scripts for (re)using hyperlinks

Postby jokro » Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:58 pm

I created scripts to:

* Copy (a group of) selected hyperlinks to clipboard (F12) and paste with Ctrl-V in email, Word document, other html-based document; The pasted links appear as a list.
* Idem, copy addresses (F11) and paste these addresses with Ctrl-V at any place; The pasted addresses appear as a ;-sparated string.
* Copy location of selected node in map (F10) and paste it as link in child of selected node in different map (F9). The created link will open the map and select/unfold the associated node.

These scripts are installed as a side effect of installing addon dView: Starting with version v0.2.4 these scripts work for any maps (not only dashboard maps). They can be used using F-keys or items in menu Tools/dView. Details can be found in Tools/dView/Help.

Have fun
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