compatiblity to freemind in the wikkawiki (wiki engine)

compatiblity to freemind in the wikkawiki (wiki engine)

Postby jkrakowski » Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:09 pm


My Freeplane version: 1.2.23 (java 1.7.0_51).
I remembered a post where plans where made, to make freeplane xml formatings standardised with freemind and some other programs which can open *.mm.
What is the status of this? If you open a freeplane map in freemind it just say that it has to convert a older freemind format. Using the freeplane exporter, "freemind 1.1" says in the xml it is version 0.9.0.
Since the maps are working some how in freemind, they unfortunately are not working in the wiki engine called wikka: i think it has an older freemind code which isnt updated to latest freemind.
the combination of mindmap and wiki engine is awsome and i have to tell it other people.
it can not create mindmap data from wiki content right now, but this is planed! you can embed mindmaps with the xml code of the file as page formated text in the wiki page editor, or you just add the mm file as kind of attachment. at my tests only non fancy clear formatted stuff was working.
i totally love the idea to write a wiki via freeplane. i tried the miwiki exporter but the generated pages in mediawiki arent working well yet. the mindmap related mediawiki extensions are also not that useable.
maybe some have more information about export to a wiki engine or a other tool to provide created mindmaps online to other people.
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