Minor improvement needed in 1.3 with tabs

Minor improvement needed in 1.3 with tabs

Postby leostaley » Sat Mar 08, 2014 5:56 am

When you have two maps being displayed side by side with a divider between them, you can drag that divider and change which one is taking more size, But here's a small problem: the area for detecting your mouse to resize the boxes is far too narrow. I have to slow down and get extra precise in order to resize the side by side tabs because the area being defined for resizing is just way too narrow.

Also, using ctrl-tab switches between tabs unpredictably. It should sort between tabs sequentially, like a browser, but it just switches in an unpredictable order at this point. Very unnerving.


I've actually found an even bigger issue causing me a headache. In the old version, if you had too many tabs to show on one line, it stacked it to a second row. You could always see all of your tabs, and was enormously convenient for me. Now, with the new system, you have to click scroll repeatedly to view more of your open tabs! I thought making tab groups would help, but each tab group's tab is nearly as long as all of them separately, because it lists the full name of each one!

Even clicking on "Tab List" doesn't help, because, for some reason, it only lists 8 tabs before you have to scroll to see more! If you can't make the tab list stack to multiple rows like before, would it be possible to at least truncate tab titles? This might even be preferable to the old way of stacking the tabs, partly because I have some mindmaps with very long names, which I'd prefer to be truncated in their tab title.

Just a setting in the behavior, appearance, or environment Preferences,
"Truncate Tab Titles? [ ]
Fixed max width per tab ___ pixels or ____ ? (what may be better? letters?)
Truncate all tabs to equal sizes?

This is actually causing me a lot of difficulty, and I'd love to see it fixed.

Edit2: These tabs are causing me even more frustration now. I can't even explain what the behavior is doing now, but It's confusing the snot out of me. I'm going to do a screen capture tomorrow So I can show what it's doing.

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Re: Minor improvement needed in 1.3 with tabs

Postby dpolivaev » Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:28 am

Unfortunately 8 entries in the list max are hard coded in the library and I can not change it without changing the library code.
But I changed some other settings and hope it helps (wait for the next preview). Let me know.

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