Find in all maps - suggestions

Find in all maps - suggestions

Postby celvin » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:41 pm

Hello, "Find and replace across all (open) maps" is an incredible tool to find keywords across open maps
This is already very powerful as it is, however, one small improvements would be great :
In the moment columns shown are Date|Text|Icons|Created|Modified|Details|Note

However, there is no information in which map the result has been found. Only when one clicks on each item found on gets the list of the nodes at the bottom.
But this means that one cannot sort by map.
So it would be great to either include a column with the filename or with the core text of the root node.

It would also be great if this functionality could be extended for all *.mm files found within a directory (including sub-dorectories), similar to the search function that now can be found in many pdf readers.

For what it's worth, here comes the explanation why I'm interested in the find-across-maps function : I put regularly in my different maps nodes with the keyword "ToDo". The find across maps function allows me to find the "ToDo"s, sort them by date, go to them directly, etc. So the "Search replace" window is actually for me a ToDO list treatment window .... and this is just great ;-)


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