Automatic moving of a node to be a child under another node?

Automatic moving of a node to be a child under another node?

Postby leostaley » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:18 am

Hi! I'd love to know if the following feature is possible with Freeplane

I want to know if there is a script or add-on or something that would automatically move node A to underneath node B when I give it a child node (C) with X text in it. My specific idea is that I've got tons of tasks, and I want to select a task node node and make a quick set of keystrokes to move it over to be a child of "done". I'm not married to the idea of having the condition for moving Node A to Node B be when Node A gets child node C. Perhaps ditch the idea of node C, and maybe Node A gets certain text or something in a detail or note or an attribute, at which point it is automatically moved? Is automatic moving of a node something that freeplane can do (perhaps with a plugin)? Perhaps even better: All children and/or decedents of selected node automatically get a button, or a checkbox, which, when pressed, will move that node over to another, pre-selected node.

Thanks in advance, And keep up the great work!

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