Add latest image =thought about new(?) feature

Add latest image =thought about new(?) feature

Postby bluelegend » Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:39 am

Greetings venerable freeplaners.
I use Freeplane for a lot of work, and it's simply fantastic + the scripting abilities, and abilites to add plugins (add-ons) are superb tools.

The question: I do a lot of work where I add small screenshots and similar newly created images and thumbnails to nodes, and I wonder how to implement in groovy for instance (if not already implemented, which I cannot seem to find) adding the latest created image from a certain specified directory, a function one could also connect to a keyboard combination = way of shortcutting having to open a dialog, often clicking through to the right directory, and then manually selecting the last/latest/a certain image, which is not too much of a chore when adding one or two images, but becomes quite tedious when adding more than 5 or 10.

I've been trying to look through the groovy-classes to find a suitable way + I've looked at the 'add inline image'-plugin, and maybe I just haven't figured out how to use it properly, but from my initial pokings around and trying it seems possible that this (quite specific) feature has actually not been dreamed up/requested yet.

Any advice would be helpful concerning:
* how to fetch an image via groovy(/java) like the builtin 'insert image' for possibly scripting the feature myself
* advice on how to do it if already possible
* adding it as a feature-request if it is missing and more people might find it a helpful feature over and above the already excellent 'add inline image'

Thank you
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