Exporting node as file, and open multiple editors

Exporting node as file, and open multiple editors

Postby andressf » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:05 pm

I would like two propose two features to be implemented. They are both related to the handling of information and consider them to be especially important for the implementation of tasks concerning knowledge management.

1) Exporting a node (or a group of nodes) as an independent file
I have not been able to find a way to export the content of a node (core, details and note) directly as a file, in the same way a whole map can be exported to different sorts of files (txt, odt, doc).

Currently, the only way to export that content into a file, is to open a text or word processor, then save it to be synchronized through dropbox or google drive (etc.), next create a new node in Freeplane and paste it and save the whole map (while, however, I need only a small part, the content of 1 or a couple of nodes of a big map). Then only, the respective information is, on the one side, ready to be used (read, rewrite, etc.) in the same or other devices (especially tablets and smartphones), at different times, and, on the other side, the information is in the central repository of information that is the set of all my linked maps in Freeplane.

I (and surely lots of other people) take notes and make annotations on varied subjects,many times daily, and thus the manual procedure becomes a real hinder for the workflow. This problem, that is obvious already when working in the same computer, becomes especially acute when making notes of ideas, readings, etc., on the fly, to be re-read and developed later and in other places and devices, i.e. when, besides, a synchronization is needed. As a consequence, I often have to resort exclusively to txt and rtf editors, desisting of using Freeplane especially under time presure. But, I am sure that even the limitation that arise from not having an internet Freeplane version would decrease notoriously if portions of the information in a map (and not only the whole map) could be exported independently in formats that can be processed by number of other programs.

I cannot imagine that this problem is not experienced by lots of Freeplane users. But maybe most of us think that the solution is to develop a Freeplane version for internet. As I said, the small step of making the content of a node (or better, of groups of nodes) exportable, would lessen the urgency of having such cloud version, while at the same time allowing Freeplane maps to make parts of their content quickly and easily accessible and synchronized through the cloud in all kind of devices. Is such a feature difficult, unimportant or non-prioritary, or unattractive to develop?

2)Open simultaneously multiple editor windows of the core, details and note of several nodes simultaneously
I won't explain this feature further since this was already widely done in the past, having the proposal been enthsiastically received and discussed in a couple of threads in this forum, and entered as a feature request in Mantis:

I would only like now to underline again the importance of this feature.
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Re: Exporting node as file, and open multiple editors

Postby boercher » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:19 am

at 1) I'm not sure if I understood correctly but would it be a solution if the export routines would consider the current filter?

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Re: Exporting node as file, and open multiple editors

Postby jokro » Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:57 am

did you consider to use "export a branch" ? If you put saved branches in a folder, you can manage, annotate and access the files with addon diView(indexfile), e.g. with dashboard Basic. Optionally a script could be written to limit the content of the exported branch to a single node.
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Re: Exporting node as file, and open multiple editors

Postby dpolivaev » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:58 am

About 1: I think andres wants to be able to export only selected parts of the maps (branches or even single nodes) using different xslt transformations which now work only with the whole map.
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Re: Exporting node as file, and open multiple editors

Postby andressf » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:31 pm

Hi Volker, Dimitry, Jodi,
thank very much for your answers.

The procedure I am thinking about is almost the same as filtering and exporting one (or multiple) individual node(s) (i.e. individual nodes, independently of whether they are in the same or different branches),
There are however some difficulties with this procedure, difficulties that I describe below. I also mention a possible solution but this only with the aim of trying to better convey what the feature should achieve.

- this procedure implies "too much" manual operations (especially when you are working rapidly taking notes or when you have a stack of nodes to export at the eind of a Freeplane session, workday, etc.): for each node, you must first "filter selected nodes", followed by controlling not to show ancestors nor descendants, and finally by "export map".
A solution could be a sort of macro, i.e. a script (or better an add-on) that could perform all these series of operations as only one. If such add-on (script) would exist, the user could even apply then a hot-key.

- this filtering procedure does not apply to multiple nodes. When exporting multiple selected nodes, the resulting file shows only the content of one node or the whole content of all the nodes as one document. (In the test I made, I had sometimes strange results especially with html: sometimes only one node was exported, sometimes the whole map, The best results, though for only one node, is given by LibreOffice odt).
A solution could be to extend the add-on (script) mentioned above so that it works as a batch file performing the whole operation (filtering, control and exporting) one by one node, successively.

Each Freeplane node can currently be reached from within other programs (with the URL node address set as a link in Writer, Word, Scrivener, etc.) I am suggesting, with this possible feature of exporting one node, to make possible (in some measure) the symmetrical operation: that Freeplane can reach specific places within the files of those programs by allowing the content of this nodes to be easily imported into those places. All those external files have an insert functionality that can allow to import files in a specific place. The utility of this symmetrical operation is obvious (as I mentioned in my previous entry). More useful uses: if the export can be realised in formats that allow to insert hyperlinks, the user could insert the URL nodes in the exported content, so that automatically it would become possible to link from the external program file back to the original node; besides, having Freeplane, this feature would practically eliminate the need of external text editors.

Thank you very much, again
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