Clones in Freeplane.

Re: Clones in Freeplane.

Postby dpolivaev » Sat Mar 08, 2014 7:46 am

What is the ETA for a stable version with clonable nodes
Hopefully this year.
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Re: Clones in Freeplane.

Postby dpolivaev » Mon Mar 24, 2014 4:58 pm

There is a first preliminary version of Freeplane supporting clones available at ... 0use%20me/ The folder name clearly states that it is not considered stable, however people who want to try clones out and give feedback can do it now.

Things to consider:

1. To clone a subtree copy it, select new destination node, copy it and use action "Clone" available next to action "Paste"
(25.35 KiB) Downloaded 252 times

2. To move a cloned subtree do not use cut and past because paste do not preserve clones. Use new action "Move" or drag and drop instead.
3. Handling of connectors and local links is tricky as it tries to clone connectors and local links within cloned subtrees. Try it and tell me how you find it.
(17.12 KiB) Downloaded 228 times

4. This version also contains new Background Image feature developed by our new contributor Kent. It is available under Formatting->Background Image. Also try option "fit to Window"

I hope to get your acknowledging constructive and motivational feedback. Write about how you want to use the new features and what we could do to better satisfy your needs.

Regards, Dimitry
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Re: Clones in Freeplane.

Postby kevinlarsson » Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:10 pm

Those are really exciting features! I've just started testing them, and so far everything is working fine. Just a suggestion: IMHO those clone icons are very ugly and obtrusive. I would suggest using more inconspicuous icons.
Keep up the great work!

Edit: In fact, instead of using icons I would suggest using other kind of visual indicator (more subtle/less prominent).
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Re: Clones in Freeplane.

Postby boercher » Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:02 am

Wow, cloned nodes in Freeplane - I didn't expect to see that so fast!

Regarding the icons: My experience with the formulas was that it really helps if new features can not be overlooked. I like the icons but I agree that they shouldn't be the only/final way to indicate cloned nodes in the future.

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Re: Clones in Freeplane.

Postby sensor66 » Fri May 02, 2014 4:59 pm

Could a node, that is a child of e.g. level 4, be cloned to a level 2 node?
Yes, than this would be handy in my Trading mindmap, where System1 under Robots/Running/System1 should also be a child of /Brokers/AlpariUK/.
I was searching for it, but could not find a good way to do it, other than make an in-line hyperlink to System1.
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Re: Clones in Freeplane.

Postby kyletheninja » Tue May 06, 2014 9:34 pm

In my sophomore year at college as a math major, I came up with the idea of mindmapping on my own, and soon enough found Freemind. My original idea for "3rdMind" included customizable cloning, like a few users here have mentioned.

kenfhill84034 wrote:
But it would be handy to be able to (1) share some sub-nodes among all the related clones while at the same time (2) create unique sub-nodes depending on parent.

As a simple example: I have 2 parent nodes: dog and cat. I'm working on dog and make a node "characteristics" with subnodes like "breathes" "eats" "4 legs". I could clone "characteristics" and put it under cat as well as dog. But I want to add "bark" for dog and "meow" for cat.

But I also want to add "2 eyes" and have it apply to all instances of the clone. It would be nice to be able to create either kind of subnodes to a clone.

I think Ken puts it very nicely. I would like to reuse nodes that help me categorize information in different contexts and have global and local variables attached to each. I am very happy with the formula capabilities added in FreePlane. I wish its name and logo were as cool as its predecessor but you win some you lose some.

I also want to add: I see no reason why FreePlane should not attempt to integrate concept-mapping with mindmapping -- it is already more than halfway there. Cmaps is great, but I think the two forms of data-structuring are complementary not mutually exclusionary, and Cmaps could even consider using mindmapping techniques to make concept maps more navigable. Concept maps are more capable of representing realistic relationships in the world, whereas mindmaps are far easier to read and write, especially to read in any kind of useful manner. This is getting off topic though, so I will simply refer to my own thread for anyone who cares.

I like to see the knowledge as knowledge, not trapped in any one particular representation. Clone nodes offer a potential way to make this more workable.
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