Zotero is now working with Freeplane !!

Zotero is now working with Freeplane !!

Postby andressf » Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:10 pm

The Zotero RTF/ODF Scan plugin. "extends Zotero support to any word processor capable of saving/exporting ODF (Open Document Format — .odt)', thus to Scrivener, Google docs, ... I thought thus that since Freeplane can also export to the .odf format, it could be possible that this plugin could also make Zotero work in Freeplane. And, as I say, this was indeed the case! Zotero citations can now be recognized in Freeplane (and I suppose that thus in DOCEAR) and Freeplane can thus create odt files with citations and bibliography.

In short, how it works: after installing the plugin and making the adjustments that are indicated in the web pages below, you can now drag the citations from Zotero into any of the Freeplane containers (core, details or note). The citations adopt, in Freeplane, the form of a special string of characters that will be recognized when the Freeplane map is exported to LibreOffice or OpenOffice (or to odt MS Word, but not so well). Then, in the odt file you can edit the citation if needed, and make a bibliography. If desired, you can also use a citation in a footnote, by creating footnotes -in the odt file- and then selecting and dragging the entire citation to the footnote.

Following carefully the instructions given in these web pages, the procedure works perfectly, as I have checked:
http://zotero-odf-scan.github.io/zotero-odf-scan/ (in this URL are the dowload, installation and application instructions, though Freeplane is not explicitely mentioned. But as I said, it works very well).

(P.S. Just in case: I tried it in FP 1.3.6_pre07 beta, Windows 8, LibreOffice, but I think it should work in other versions of these programs too)

Freeplane can thus now, with Zotero help, create citations and construct bibliographies!!
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