color of LaTeX content and exportation of LaTeX formulas

color of LaTeX content and exportation of LaTeX formulas

Postby rmarie » Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:13 pm


I've started to use freeplane to study and love that I can write LaTeX formula in it. I have questions about it though;
1- Using freeplane 1.2.23, I've created several LaTeX equations. They appear pretty light colored (they are grey) and I was wondering if and how it would be possible to change the font color to darker in LaTeX formula. Just to be clear, I'm talking about the colour these formulas have when they are displayed in the mindmap, not when I'm editing them in the LaTeX editing window.
2- I see that if I export my mindmap done with freeplane to other mindmapping app (I've tried several such as mindmeister or droidplane), the LaTeX formulas disappear, as do the images. Does anyone know an app for android that could at the very least display the LaTeX formulas (and the images if possible)?
3- Last question, after extensive reading to try and solve the issues above, it appears that freeplane 1.3 will have improve possibilities regarding LaTeX equations. I haven't found a way to install this version of freeplane though. I'm on ubuntu (linux) and the version I was able to install through Ubuntu software center is the version 1.2.23 . On freeplane home page it states that it is the last stable version. However, I've read in this forum a lot of discussion around using freeplane 1.3 so I'd like to make sure a stable version hasn't been released yet. If someone could also be so kind as to explain me how to install a beta version of 1.3 on ubuntu, or point me in the direction where I can find this information, that'd be wonderful.

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