Exporting selected nodes as plain (or .rtf) text files

Exporting selected nodes as plain (or .rtf) text files

Postby andressf » Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:59 am

I want to use the notes I make in Freeplane's nodes (not the whole map) in other programs and computers (individual or network), by exporting the content of those nodes directly as (at least) plain text (.txt) files. I could then save directly the text file in the Dropbox or Google Drive (or alike) folders so that they get automatically synchronized or can be incorporated as content directly in other programs.
As far as I know it is now not possible to perform the export of individual/selected nodes (core, details, note) directly, if not by a convoluted manual procedure involving the intervention of a different program. This is limiting the great usefulness of Freeplane as a data manager (storage, structuring, distribution, search, filtering, visualization, addition of meaning, etc., of massive chunks of data content in a quick and highly flexible way) and also limiting Freeplane's great potential as a collaborative knowledge tool, since it is very cumbersome to use Freeplane maps' stored data if not within/between Freeplane maps exclusively. This is thus my question:

Would there be someone able and willing to write a script that allows to export the content of individual/groups of selected nodes as plain text files? This would be really great!!

Edit 1:
currently, a node or group of nodes can be exported as an external file (txt, doc, etc., including Freeplane version 1 map) when they result from a filtering operation (the filtered nodes act thus as a map in this case). But the problem is that you often want to export a group of nodes whose content makes very cumbersome to construct the required filter that delivers precisely the group of nodes (and only those nodes) that you want to export (filtering one and only one node could become a very difficult task in a map with a big number of nodes).
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