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Postby i2000s » Fri Dec 20, 2013 4:12 pm

seb4stien wrote:I installed docear to understand how the different files are organized.

I don't see exactly what could be shared between users and what must stay local.

A way to ease collaboration could be to add the whole docear_workspace directory under a file versionning system.

However I'm not familiar with docear enough to see if it would work, neither to see what feature could help you in my add-on.

If you have some time to show me how you are handling this today and what you think could help, contact me privatetly so we can look further.

I am free now to consider better this add-on or implement separated tools if necessary. My initial goal is to realize the following functions:
1. synchronize mindmaps through github or other open-source host/repositories freely with git support.
2. (maybe separated tool) readout freeplane mindmaps as an html page without loosing the beauty and functionality of the original desktop mindmap (links, colors, embodied pictures/icons, node properties, etc should be retained). This script should be able to work as a web script (maybe javescript) so that I can call the script in a website to load a mindmap from a github or other repository to the target webpage as a frame input. At least, it should be able to export mindmap to an html source code in a desktop environment. JSON library and other related open-source libraries may be used.

With the tools above, one can synchronize mindmap among different computers using git as well as view the mindmap online as a part of a webpage. One target website to put in such a mindmap html frame can be seen here:
In the roadmap page, I used an exported mindmap from freeplane, but it looks ugly and looses almost all properties of nodes. Wish someone can join this project, as it can be used widely in many other cases as well.
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Re: freeplane collaborative tools add-on

Postby petra1973 » Sat Mar 15, 2014 9:00 pm


two small questions before I start installation:

(1) I was wondering if it was possible to change the keyboard settings of the collaborative tools add-on. You use F10, F11 and F12 which I generally use for other purposes. Is there a configuration to change this static setting within the add-on configurations or do I have to change the code for this?

(2) from which Freeplane version upwards does the collaborative tools add-on work properly? v1.2.20?

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Re: freeplane collaborative tools add-on

Postby seb4stien » Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:43 am


1) If the default functions keys are already in use, the add-on installation will not overide it (as far I can see with a quick test :)). Then you could add your own shortcuts/accelerators as you would do for any freeplane feature (through the 'Tools' menu).

2) I regulary use it with 1.2.23. I have not tested it under 1.2.20. If your working with other contributors, it's important that everybody has the same version.
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