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Tool Tip

Postby jokro » Fri Aug 05, 2011 9:50 am

Tool Tip
    1. Node styles are on top of Tool Tip. I would like the Tool Tip to give priority to Content. This means the list of Node styles should appear at the bottom, above creation/modification time. It is possible to toggle the visibility of the list with node styles. I propose that the default is NOT visible. In this way it is more user friendly for new users.

    2. In older versions of the Tool Tip, the basic node text (title) was apparent as such because of a line below it. I would like this line to return. Also the line between Details and Notes was functional.
    3. The white space between paragraphs in the Tool Tip is extremely large. Could this be less ?
:?: What do you think ?
:roll: I was not able to attach a pdf file showing what I mean. Could this possibility be enabled ?
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