Changes in Formula rectangle

Changes in Formula rectangle

Postby jokro » Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:18 pm

Transformations are marked with a green border by default. Transformations include things like formulas (= 3+2), automatic node numbering and data formatting. These are two different meanings indeed.

I have been discussing with Volker in Manits that it might be convenient to make the following changes:
1. change the default for displaying the green rectangle to no-border; and
2. toggle if the green rectangle should be set for formulas only (default) of for all transformations.

This change would allow to discriminate between transformations for implementing outcomes which are meant to be relatvely static like node numbers and data formats, and transformations concerning content (like in formulas). The presentation in the former case could be without rectangle, hence hiding away unnessary complexity. In the latter case the rectange could signal that the cell is meant to be clicked.

What do you think ?


(0002686) boercher (ontwikkelaar) - 2011-10-02 03:20 ... 1299#c2686
It would be possible to differentiate between formula expansion and other
transformations in principle since formulas can be quite simply identified
("=xyz" -> "abc"). I don't know if this makes sense since (1) the reason
for the border can be found quite easily in most cases and (2) the other
transformations might be interesting as well.

I think we should (1) indeed change the default of show-border and (2)
adjust the documentation. Maybe we should ask in the forum since there were
some discussion about this feature in the past.

Regards, Volker
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