Keeping FP Doc translation synchronized

Keeping FP Doc translation synchronized

Postby jokro » Tue Jul 26, 2011 6:33 pm

As the development of the new English FP documentation is progressing, I am asking the question what can be done to help translators to translate it to their mother tongue. And once the translation is there, how to keep it synchronized when FP and the English documentation are developing further. I think it is an import quality aspect in promoting FP.

Questions I am seeking answers for are:

* Would it be possible to use automatic translation ? Would it be possibile to convert the mindmap to HTML, then use Google translate, and finally convert back to FP. Is there someone interested in working this out ?

* Would it be possible to know which nodes have been deleted ? It is possible to filter for modified nodes, but deleted nodes are not found. To keep synchrony, it is important to know this too ! Do you have an idea how to know this ? Would it be an idea to have a compare-mindamps function which would show the differences ?

* It is possible to find or filter modified nodes. This function does not show which aspect has been changed. Changes may concern visible content, but also invisible structure like conditional node style, hyperlinks, scripts and hidden attributes. It is a danger that the translator misses one ore more of these aspects with the result that the translated documentation will not behave properly. Also for this a map-comparison function might be useful.

What do you think of these problems and proposed solutions ? And do you see other problems and solutions ?
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Re: Keeping FP Doc translation synchronized

Postby gioita » Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:38 am

I submit all your notes and I propose this :

The automatic translator is useful, but if you want to smile a lot, accept the translation as is. I use the automatic translator sometimes for some words, but not for entire text. Often the translated text is incomprehensible and is necessary to have quick access to original text.
So, an optimal thing is to have a function that translate the node and propose the original and translated contend in same node, in order to compare and understand the original concept. Maybe with a script ?

In order to try to keep synchrony I think that a compare function can be very useful. The possibility to compare a map with another can be a good also for normally used maps. For example to compare an actual map with a backup map. Or to compare with a map modified by another user.

A big problem is that menu items is already translated and the menu items of the document map must be the same. This is an annoying work, because is necessary to manually migrate all the already translated text in proprieties file to the document map. An important point is the reuse of Menu items already translated in proprieties file. Is possible to load this file and create a base structure of Documentation map ? I think that this can be a quick start for translating to all language. With a command (maybe a script) load the proprieties files and the base structure of the document map is already done. Maybe also the subnode can be automatically loaded with English description and a translated text. This can be a fantastic tool that solve a big problem and automatize the work for all language. Someone can do it ?
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