conditional node style with multiple nodes

conditional node style with multiple nodes

Postby jokro » Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:59 pm

I am very content with conditional node styles to define a set of styles for each individual node. It has one draw back if compared with the work around with attributes I used before. It is no longer possible to define a particular set (list) of styles for a group of selected nodes at once. This possibility (with Node features > Attributes) saved me a lot of time. I wonder if the conditional styles could be made to work the same way.

1. select a group of nodes.
2. open Manage conditional node styles. The window opens with the styleset of the first node.
3. new style rules are added to the conditional node styles of the other nodes as well.
4. changed style rules: if the same style exited in the other nodes, change it as well. if not, add a new stule rule.

What do you think ?

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